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Thankful for Moab Thanksgivings!

As the season winds down, we look forward to Thanksgiving next week! Friends and family, good food, conversation and connection. Another awesome thing about Thanksgiving week in Moab is that the weather is usually still amazing and it is the last hurrah before Moab closes up shop for the winter.

We love the last push of adventurous tourists coming to town, to camp, cook a feast in our trailer galley, bask in the low angle of the light that just makes our red rocks pop with color. It is our absolute favorite time of year in Moab.

Just today I was out on a mountain bike ride on the Slickrock bike trail in a t-shirt, my heart bursting with gratitude for the perfect weather, the perfect ride, the perfect therapy after a long year.

I like to say, nothing heals like the desert. It sets my soul at ease.

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