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Our trailers are handmade in coalville, Utah.
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Inside the cabin 

No doubt you will be tired from all of your adventuring!

Each trailer includes an incredibly comfortable queen sized bed with luxe sheets, pillows, and comforters, cabinetry for stowing your clothes and gear, a high output fan, a propane heater, two large doors for easy access and air flow, and an incredibly large stargazer window. 


Each Red Rock Base Camp Trailer includes an outdoor kitchen off the back! That means you'll save money by making your own meals and not having to wait in line for hours at a hectic restaurant. 

Kitchens include: Gas Stove, Ample Stainless Steel Counter Space, a Yeti Brand Cooler(keeps ice icy for days), Sink, Hot & Cold Water, Dishes, Cups, Mugs, French Press, Pots and Pans, Utensils, Knives and Cutting Boards. 


additional features and amenities


Want to kick back and enjoy your base camp?

We also include camp chairs, rugs, and headlamps.

Your trailer is solar powered!

LED lighting is located in the galley and cabin.

Charging ports and electrical outlets are located in the cabin and galley as well.

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