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vs. Hotels

There are a ton of hotels in Moab, why choose a Red Rock Base Camps teardrop camping trailer?

Big Bend Campground Teardrop Trailer


We bet you are in Moab to explore our red rock desert. Whether you are here to hike in Arches National Park, mountain bike the Whole Enchilada, jeep Hells Revenge, paddle the Colorado River, or climb Wall Street, your goal is to get out into our gorgeous wild lands. 

There is absolutely no better way to experience Moab than by immersing yourself into its landscape. 



The beauty of our teardrop camping trailers is how comfortable they are. Our state of the art, hand built Escapod Topo 2 Voyager trailers are as restful as any hotel room. We like to say, "Take your hotel room outside!" 

We use high quality, high end Comphy brand linens, thick memory foam queen mattresses, and our trailers are equipped with cabin and hot water heaters to ensure your stay is as comfortable as any hotel. 

Teardrop Trailer Queen Sized Bed


During your search for accommodations in Moab, we are sure you have been surprised by the abundance of overpriced hotel rooms. 

Not only are our teardrop trailers a luxury camping experience, but they are so much more affordable than any hotel room in Moab. Our trailers are an incredible deal without skimping on quality of experience. We are positive you are going to love camping under the Milky Way, something you cannot experience in a hotel. 



Another reason our campers are superior to hotel rooms is that you can save time and money by cooking in our fully equipped kitchens! No need to wait in line at a restaurant. Cooking your meals out in the desert at your campsite is an amazing experience and significantly more affordable. 

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