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Spring comes early in Moab

Typically when a Moab local talks about the beginning of "Spring season" we mean President's day weekend in February. The days are already warming and our trails are calling. Early spring (or late winter by normal standards) is a fabulous time to visit Moab. Daytime temps range from the mid fifties to the mid sixties and it is normal to strip your layers down to a t-shirt on a hike in the warm sun. The nights can still be chilly so packing your puffy and a beanie is a good idea for chilling around the campfire.

The mountains are still covered in snow and the contrast of our little red rock desert with our 13,000 foot peaks is dramatic and absolutely beautiful.

One of the best things about early spring visits to Moab, is the charm of our awakening town, the trails to yourself, and the quiet before the height of visitation mid spring. It is easy to walk into a restaurant and take a seat without a wait, or enjoy a whole mountain bike ride without seeing anyone else.

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